One day Sal Bee and I were sitting in his kitchen in Lodi, New Jersey when he told me about his idea for a Rock N Roll themed cooking show: Sal would invite bands to his house for a home cooked meal, do an interview and perform a song or two live. Fast forward six months-ish and we are shooting the pilot featuring Sal's band Sardonica!

Shooting the show has not been an exact science, but with every episode we tuck under our belts, we feel the recipe is getting better and better. Subscribe to Video Business Media  on youtube so you know when new episodes/content have been uploaded.
Check out all of Season 1 right here!

Video Podcast
A Podcast talk show about pop culture on youtube. Two guys talking Comics, Movies, Television, and Music with Video Graphic content accompanying the discussion. 


This show has debuted once in a previous incarnation that just didn't pan out. You can watch the original pilot below.

A new version of the show with new hosts is in the works now...

Blitzkid TV

In addition to shooting a feature length documentary about Blitzkid, I also shot/edited, and managed to upload a video diary series featuring stripped down acoustic performances, happenings on the road, and funny sketches on both American and European tours. You can view all the episodes by clicking right here!

The Bad Guy
The Bad Guy is an Internet Troll who rants and raves about the things that piss him off. You will either love him or hate him. This show is Produced, Directed, and Written by Nathan Abramson A.K.A "Nate-Dog".

Video Business Media Home Movies
Sometimes, I just get the itch to edit, or put something together but haven't shot any new material, so every once in a while I take cell phone videos I have on my phone and try to edit around them to make little "Nickelodeonesque" videos. I wanted to call this series "Nickelodeons" But didn't for obvious reasons.  The result is this. Once in a blue moon a new video is added.

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