Blitzkid Return To The Living

A feature length Documentary about the seminal Horror-Punk band Blitzkid (1997-2012). 
Video Business Media had the Privileged opportunity to ride along with the Band, shooting them on their last American and European tours in 2012. It was an incredible experience never to be forgotten.

Very soon, VBM will begin Post Production on the film after the last of the interviews have been completed in addition to a bonus DVD featuring one of the live European shows for those who pledged a certain level on the Return To The Living Kickstarter Campaign.

The film will be one part Band History, one part Road Movie, and one part Concert Film. Video Business Media only hopes that this film will be a worthy epitaph to the Band and its Fans. View the teaser trailer here.

In January 2010, 3 years ago (as of this writing) I travelled to Egypt while I was living in Israel. 

5 of my friends convinced me to go, after all, when would I ever be back? Who knew how right they were.

I brought my camera and shot the whole trip. The following is meant to be a simple document of that trip as well as some fun Historical and Cultural things I learned about Egypt.

This was assembled over a year and a half ago. But now I have finally decided to clean it up and trim it down and get it ready to be uploaded. It will be finished and ready to upload very soon.
                                  Blitzkid - The Bat Whispers [Music Video]
This was a music video made for a Blitzkid music video contest during the fall of 2011. I listened to the song and felt inspiration to tell this story. I did not know/nor could I find the lyrics to song. Although I am glad I didn't because I probably wouldn't have been so literal and therefore not build a giant Bat Puppet (which was SO MUCH FUN in it of itself). 
I only wish I could have shot it on film or with a DSLR lense instead of HDV. Originally I wanted the "hero" to light a torch and enter a giant cave where the bat slept, but I didn't have the time or money to make this happen. Click here to check out behind the scenes photos including the construction of the bat! This Video took a lot of time and labor, but at the end of the day it was a lot of fun to make and I am very proud of it.
  They're Made Out of Meat
This is a short film in 2010 that I and a writing partner adapted from a short story with the same name. Even though it predates Video Business Media, I have included it because of my love for Dave Street's ( A Punk writer/Comic) Performance as an Alien. Dave is a wonderfully talented actor, who I can't wait to work again with someday (It's gonna happen Dave...). Also check out the website for Dave's fantastic play he has written called "The Problem".
Here is Dave "Slaming a Dunk on some Junk" In another video I did featuring him.

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