Bat Whispers Behind the Scenes Stills
A quick sketch before construction begins. Originally I wanted to have a pulley that lifted the jaw up and down but eventually the jaw and head became too cumbersome for the design, and there was just not enough time with there being a contest deadline.
The head itself is actually an upside down, black plastic witches caldron that I found at Target and just started building onto of it from there.
The key to making everything symmetrical as possible is to measure things out and build on each side at the same time  to "eyeball" scale (Meaning its not exact, but pretty close based on eyeing it) 
This puppet was build with glowing eyes, alas my wiring job wasn't the best and one of the eyes kept going out.
The body needed to be operate by 3 people: one for each arm and one in the middle to support the head and body. 
Trying desperately to get the other eye working, but eventually had to cut our losses because we were losing daylight. 
Shooting the "left-wing" swiping, without trying to get the rod or Alan in the shot.
Later on, after touring with Blitzkid themselves, I learned about make up Donts. Like don't forget to do more than just the face, do the ears and neck as well. And don't just put black around the eyes. This is whats known as "Panda Face" in the Horror Punk community. 
Chocolate Syrup, amongst a couple other things is king of stage blood when mixed properly. I think we just NOTLD'd it here and used only Choco-sauce because it was going to be black and white anyway.
My wonderful wife, graciously volunteering to be the Bat's sleeping vampire captive. Thanks again honey. I found some cool platinum fangs for her to wear, kinda like the guy from Blade Trinity.
I built a wood coffin for her to kinda of act like this weird Bat Vampire nest thingie. It looked great with the lid on.
Tired after a long day of shooting.

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