Video Business Media is a "one-man" D.I.Y Media "Studio" created and run by Jeff Frumess.

We are striving to turn our Youtube Channel into a "Television" Channel with our own original content similar to some of our current shows like Rock and Roll Cooking With Sal Bee (A rock and roll themed Cooking show in Lodi, New Jersey) and Blitzkid TV (A video tour diary).

What started off as and idea to do Video Production aimed at Musicians and Actors for their Social Media websites is growing and evolving into something so much more.

Most recently, Video Business Media went out on the last American and European tours with Blitzkid, shooting footage and conducting interviews for the documentary "Blitzkid: Return To The Living". The documentary will be part Band History, part Road Movie, and part Concert film. This will be Video Business Media's first feature length film debut - the first of hopefully many more feature length releases.

We have a lot of ideas regarding how we want to cultivate and expand our brand compounded with the burning passion to work hard and make things happen. But nothing starts from A and goes right to Z, more will be revealed  when the time is right. In the mean time, we will produce as much new content as it is in our means!

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