Sunday, April 7, 2013

Steven Frumess - Passion

This is a Music Video for a Demoed song by Steven Frumess called "Love and Pleasure". Steven produced and starred in the video as well as self produced his own music. He is working on a collection of songs from his "Fox Meadow Rd." Sessions.

Steven's music is most certainly a harmonious fusion of many different styles that he proudly wears on his sleeve. He is meticulous in crafting each one of his songs, making sure that each song has what it needs.

You can really see the passion that was put into this video. Steven has accomplished a lot as a first time producer. More songs and videos to come. Steven is the brother of Jeff Frumess - founder, producer, and director at Video Business Media. We here at VBM look forward to what comes next! 

 Check out his Youtube account and Subscribe for more videos and songs to be released.

Directed by Dan Kowalski
Cinematography by Ashely Dupree
Produced by Steven Frumess

Written by Steven Frumess
Produced by Steven Frumess and Miles Gordon
engineered by Tristan Tully

Ballerina - Chloe Slade
Glass Blower - Kevin Kutch form Pier Glass 
Painter - Andrea Clinton

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