Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bag of Flags: The Best Black Flag Logo Parodies

Recently, two versions of Black Flag have decided to reunite and play shows (additionally Ginn's Black Flag will be making a new album). But they both will not be called "Black Flag" as Ginn owns the name - leading the other reunion to call themselves "Flag". Flag out weighs Black Flag in original Black Flag members, but lacks Greg Ginn: The only constant, as well as primary song writer in all of Black Flagdom. Interestingly enough, there are still plenty of former members left over to squeeze out at least two more Black Flags reunions! Here are some names and logos they can use:

And Just Because....


  1. Press your fabric and then stitch around the bag, following the top edge of the zig-zag stitch.

  2. Please do! I love how neat and organized the buttons are. Perhaps this will make a good project for the kids on a rainy day...;)