Saturday, September 14, 2013

Vote for "M is for Malevolence" for ABCS of Death 2

Please watch the short at the link below (It's only 3 minutes) and clicking on the Facebook "Like" button Icon right about the Youtube viewing box. I have included a ridiculously, possibly even an insultingly simple photo of how to do so below the viewing link in this post. It would really mean a lot if you could help me out, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you all for your time.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Every single Misfits song lyric (from 1977-1983) summarized in fifty words or less.

Here now, for your reading pleasure, is every single Misfits song lyric (from 1977-1983) summarized in  fifty words or less. Some of them are AMAZING.

I WISH I could take credit for this. I Wish I thought of the idea myself. But alas I did not. These were written by a genius named Chris Barnhart (a burlesque emcee, physical comic, network engineer, and zombie hunter from St. Louis, MO, who enjoys writing summaries of song lyrics) Go here to his tumblr for more of his genius lyric summaries. 


All Hell Breaks Loose: I write the songs that make the whole world tear each other from limb to limb.

American Nightmare: Friday night, I took my lover’s virginity. At dawn, I put an axe in her head. (She looked beautiful covered in blood.) Both acts were too easy. I blame her. Now and forever, I flee civil and spiritual justice.

Angelfuck: My prostitute is beautiful and can accommodate a man of any size, up to and including a fire hydrant. Like the love she promises you, I too tease her with things she’ll never have.

Astro Zombies: I’m killing the entire human race with my army of space zombies. Can I get a little appreciation here?

Attitude: I wish to warn you that your rudeness, stupidity, and low moral fiber offend me to the point that I may soon inflict physical harm on your person.

Bloodfeast: There is nothing so inimitably genuine as showing your ownership of a woman by individually extracting each body part and feasting on her blood.

Braineaters: We grow weary of exclusively eating brains. We do not understand why we can’t be given something better, or muster the will to obtain it ourselves.

Bullet: President Jonathan F. Kennedy was assassinated, leaving Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis no option but to feed desperately on my ejaculate.

Children In Heat: When children reach puberty, they lose all conscience and self-restraint, indulging in vapid fornication, contracting STDs, and running away from home. Attempting to prevent this is futile.

Cough/Cool: We try to mask our fear and sickness behind a cool facade. It is but a thin veil; we have seen too much to hide these things well.

Death Comes Ripping: You try to hide, but feel the heat as death—violent and indomitable—
comes for you.

Demonomania: Check me out! I was born to a human prostitute and a wolf. My pride in my lupine ancestry borders on megalomania. Humans are weak and tasty. Demonomania!

Devil’s Whorehouse: The Devil owns a brothel where demonic sex workers mix sexual fulfillment with blasphemy.

Devilock: I am going to sacrifice you in a public ritual, in exchange for infernal secrets. I will remove your skull, heart, and eyes. In doing so, I will subvert God’s control over your immortal soul.

Die, Die My Darling: Lover, do not cry or resist. Just bleed out in silent acceptance of what you should have anticipated and could have prevented. Now our fates are sealed; we’ll be reunited in Hell.

Earth AD: Life in the present day is boring, but it’s going to be awesome in the post-apocalypse! We’ll be fighting for our lives, putting heads on pikes and cannibalizing each other! And in the end, we’ll die violently!

Ghoul’s Night Out: Tonight, the taint of Hell will drive humans to eat flesh. We are damned, all of us. This has been our destiny since devils fell from Heaven.

Green Hell: Fearless, you approached your death like no one could, touched it, felt it, and thought you could escape it. Now we burn in Hell, which turns out to be green.

Halloween: My memories of Halloween include jack-o-lanterns, autumn leaves, razor blades in apples, and burning bodies hanging from poles.

Halloween II: This ancient spell allows us to transform into werewolves.

Hate Breeders: Driven by implacable anger and hatred, guided by the directive bred into our blood and bones, we murder. A lot! This is entirely satisfying. We are strong, and nothing else matters.

Hellhound: My dog is a hellhound, a dog literally from Hell. In order to get one, I had to die and return from Hell. If you seek such a dog, mine can help with the “killing you” part.

Hollywood Babylon: Hollywood’s privileged few artificially limit entry to their world of shallow yet heavenly pleasures. Only those who stroke the right egos gain access. Like Babylon, Hollywood will be consumed by its own decadence.

Horror Business: In 1978, Sid Vicious killed Nancy Spungen in a hotel bathroom, which reminds me of the movie Psycho. My life is similarly darkened with violence. If you follow me into the bathroom, I will stab you.

Horror Hotel: If you have a problem that you think may be solved by fighting me, let us take that fight to room 21 of the Horror Hotel. A bunch of monsters are having a party there; my vampire girlfriend and I are en route now. I have dibs on making out with every monster-girl there.

Hybrid Moments: Women are especially attractive to me immediately before they are torn apart by werewolves.

I Turned Into A Martian: Martians have possessed my mind and physically transformed me into one of them. Symptoms: amnesia, insomnia, homicidal thoughts, delusions of global domination.

Last Caress: Earlier today, I killed your child and raped your mother. I find little significance in either action, but I do find the concept of death romantic.

London Dungeon: The City of London Police jailed us, compared us to zombies, and made us wash off our make-up. We sarcastically wish them well.

Mephisto Waltz: Let us literally waltz into Hell! This will be a great idea!

Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?: Every night I kill classmates who were mean to me and girls who expressed a negative view of me, bringing grim souvenirs home for mom.

Night of the Living Dead: The zombie apocalypse is here, fanboy! You’ve been fantasizing about this, but now you’re a just side-dish in this human picnic.

Nike-A-Go-Go: My penis, like a Nike missile and the Greek goddess for which it was named, has the power destroy us both. Women are the opposite of everything the goddess Nike embodies. I cum quickly and then leave.

Queen Wasp: Half human and half wasp, she is the queen, and I her king. She dives with her warriors. We have it good, but we waste it stinging and eating each other.

Rat Fink: A detailed and enthusiastic exploration of the spelling of the words “ratt” (sic) and “fink”.

Return of the Fly: Return of the Fly (starring Vincent Price), yeah! I will now name some characters (beginning with Helen Delambre, who was not in the film) and state that someone was a guinea pig who kept his human hands and feet. I enjoyed that movie!

She: Silent, amoral, prurient and wild, Patty Hearst flees from her parents and the FBI. No one understands her like me.

Skulls: I am a murderous demon who wishes to add your skull to the decor of my home. It would be a good match for the “severed head” theme I’ve got going on.

Some Kinda Hate: Love and hate are powerful emotions. Young love cannot be forced by an external hand, but crushing pain quickly brings hatred in even the most innocent.

Spinal Remains: The things we do to each other cannot properly be called sex, nor is it something I think I enjoy. I refuse to hurt myself. Yet, for seemingly no reason, we do have fun tearing each other apart. I want to have sex with your dismembered spine.

Spook City USA: I want to be killed by incorporeal undead in a ubiquitously haunted American city.

Static Age: We live in an age marked by our unhealthy obsession with television.

Teenagers From Mars: We are teenagers from Mars, and we care only for satiating our own ancient and terrible desires, which include child-rape and mass-murder. Resistance is futile.

Theme For A Jackal: As humanity spirals further down its cycle of violence, we rape and murder each other, choking on our own cannibalistic spoils until there is nothing left of ourselves to consume. This death-song too perpetuates this cycle, so play on!

TV Casualty: I have abandoned all responsibility to make time for my addiction to watching TV. We’re okay, though. The TV nurtures us while they take what they want. Only cars and televisions will mourn your death.

20 Eyes: My otherwise normal head contains twenty identical eyes. Ironically, this impairs my vision.

Vampira: Maila Nurmi, you looked really hot as Vampira. Slip off that dress and get in my bed.

Violent World: Let me show you this “Violent World” magazine. Check out these pictures of stillborn two-headed Mexican babies and of The Holocaust. It makes you think about humanity’s capacity for violence, and appreciate the time you have before you inevitably die.

We Are 138: We are the emotionless android-like people from the movie THX 1138.

We Bite: We hunt humans in the streets, ripping out their throats and drinking their blood.

Where Eagles Dare: Let’s go pick up some soulless and diseased prostitutes and treat them horribly. They’ve been treated so badly already that they won’t even care. It takes great bravery to stoop to this level, and I won’t suffer some street-walker calling me a “goddamn son of a bitch.

Who Killed Marilyn?: Who’s got two thumbs and killed Marilyn Monroe? This guy!

Wolfsblood: You don’t know this, nor does anyone else, but I’ve spoken to an arcane entity, and perhaps it would be easier just to show you. RAWR! I’m a werewolf! I only reveal this to you because I’m about to kill you.